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HIRO-AI powered Proximity-Tracing. Electronic Contact Tracing that is just better.

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ok2work und ok2open: Two areas, one concept for intelligent contact tracing in companies and for events.

Lower Risk

Vaccination, testing, and proximity tracing can significantly reduce risk. pre- and post-pandemic.

Made in Germany

The portable devices are manufactured in Zittau, the electronics are developed in Dresden, the software comes from Berlin, and operation is located in Frankfurt am Main.

Cost Reduction

Via AI-driven risk analysis, vaccination, use of proximity tracing, the need for testing drops sharply, the result is cost reduction.


Arbitrary scaling of time2open by backend systems in German data centers. Proximity tracing works without personal data.

ok2open and ok2work are the two areas of the time2open concept, tailored to meet the particular requirements for electronic contact tracing:


The ok2open area covers the temporary use of proximity tracing. This addresses events, cultural institutions, or sporting events. Tickets are issued and taken out at the entrance or exit; existing ticket solutions are supported.

The goal is a fast opening of concerts, theaters, sports, and many other events where electronic contact tracing is required only for the visit.


For permanent use, ok2work provides the necessary functions for companies or the travel industry – electronic contact tracing is implemented for a longer period of time and can be permanently integrated into existing processes.

The goal is to provide traceability of potential infections to reduce downtime in companies, hotels, cruises or tourist areas.

Proximity Tracing/Contact Tracing

The system relies on wearables for privacy-compliant, electronic contact tracing. Encounters from contact situations are registered, but no personal movement profiles are created for data protection reasons. The wearables exchange anonymous random codes via Bluetooth and enable seamless tracing of infection chains in the event of infection. Although risk-based screening tests already significantly reduce the overall risk for the company and its workforce, they cannot guarantee absolute safety from cases of infection, even with vaccinations. Contact tracing enables a reduction in testing after infection cases have occurred, as only those employees who have actually encountered each other need to be tested. This can prevent the uncontrolled spread of the virus in the company from the beginning.

Contact Tracing Using Wearables

Previously used strategies and measures, such as plant closures, reduced staff presence, or spatial separation, may have helped in the first COVID-19 wave, but are difficult to sustain in the long term. That’s why we developed ok2work, a novel, holistic approach to pandemic prevention for businesses. In addition to selective, proactive testing of at-risk groups, seamless, in-house contact tracing using wearables is a fundamental component of the concept.

Strategies For Safe Work Environments.

Während manche Mitarbeiter im Homeoffice ihrer Tätigkeit nachgehen können, ist dies für andere Bereiche nicht möglich. Insbesondere in der Produktion, im Vertrieb, in der Lebensmittelindustrie, in der Gastronomie, Reisebranche, in der Altenpflege und weiteren Dienstleistungssegmenten ist die Zusammenarbeit mit anderen Personen unverzichtbar. Unternehmen benötigen daher eine Strategie und wirkungsvolle Maßnahmen, um Mitarbeiter und Kunden vor Infektionen mit dem Corona-Virus zu schützen.

Strategies For Safe Events

Despite vaccinations and tests, there will be the obligation of electronic contact tracing and combination with personalized tickets and presence solutions. The ok2open system allows to record for the time of the events, the encounters of devices. This data will be evaluated after a possible infection report, and only afterwards will be matched by the event organizer with the ticket IDs of the visitors. Instead of all visitors that would need to be contacted in an in-person solution, ok2open narrows this number down to only those visitors who were actually within critical distance, and also takes into account vaccinations, test results, and other factors.


Concerts, Sports Events, Museums, Clubs: Use ok2open to easily add the required electronic contact tracing for visitors and guests.

Culture and Sports

Enterprises and Tourism: ok2work protects employees, avoid testing overhead, reduces risk and cost. Proximity tracing for your HR.

Business and Tourism

Your Benefit

By utilizing the electronic ok2open contact tracing it’s easily to quickly bring your events to a commercially reasonable potential.


No personal data is stored on the device or the ok2open system. It is not necessary to record the personal data for the system, as any entrance ticket is already personalized. ok2open only looks at the portable devices.

Easy & confortable

No smartphone or app is required; ok2open can be used simply by wearing, plugging in, or rehanging the wearable devices.
Easy to use – no installation or additional infrastructure required

Made in Germany

ok2open hardware and software are 100% developed in Germany by German companies. Quality and privacy are paramount.
ok2open does not require any personal data or accounts: Anonymous and transparent, verifiable at any time.

Also for enterprises: ok2work

With ok2open, the culture can pick up speed again. The ok2open principle will also remain usable in non-pandemic times to ensure operational processes at all times. For companies, this means plannability and safety, as well as protecting the health of all employees in the company: ok2work.


Made in Germany

The portable devices are manufactured in Zittau, the electronics are developed in Dresden, the software comes from Berlin, and the operations are located in Frankfurt am Main.


The user does not need to worry about anything. Switching on is enough.


Proximity tracing is based on Bluetooth, and was developed in PEPP-PT, the German initiative before the Corona Warn App - third parties cannot do anything with the signals sent out.

Hybrid solution

Centralized and de-centralized data storage: the devices store de-centrally and only if an infection case is found the encounter data of that single device is used to identify other devices (not people).

Lend or keep

Companies, event organizers, or venues have the option of issuing the devices on a temporary basis only, or providing the devices to employees or frequent visitors on a permanent basis.

Protect the workforce even in the post-pandemic period with ok2work

Minimize risk.
Generate trust.

ok2work for companies is the trusted platform when it comes to contact tracing. People are not monitored, encounters are registered.


It is possible to integrate ok2work into HR systems. Use is also suitable for visitors, external staff, or temporary employees.

For your employees

Record encounters, protect areas – protect shifts and workgroups. The efficiency of the workforce is significantly higher with the feeling of security.

Cost & TCO

With the reduction of risks, employee satisfaction, and the use of the AI supported system, ok2work is a worthwhile investment.


Despite vaccination, infections could bring the company to a standstill. Combining all measures with ok2work contact tracing reduces the risk by up to 92%.

Your Benefits

By using the ok2work proximity tracing you create a safe work environment and reduce test efforts and cost.
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Made in Germany

The portable devices are manufactured in Zittau, the electronics are developed in Dresden, the software comes from Berlin, and the operations are located in Frankfurt am Main.

Safe workplace

Avoidance of production interruptions and plant closures.


Operational processes are less disrupted because possible chains of infection can be found digitally and are not created from memory.

Cost avoidance

Lower sick pay costs due to fewer pandemic-related absences or employees in quarantine.

Autonomous system

No additional hardware is required, and the company's own infrastructure is not used because the devices communicate independently via LTE-IoT.

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